Prof Zhaojie Ju >> School of Computing

Current PhD Students

• Mr Bryan Musau Nzioka, (First Supervisor, 09/2010-)

• Mr Jiahui Yu, (First Supervisor, 09/2019-)

• Mr Disi Chen, (First Supervisor, 10/2017-)

• Mr Uche Ogenyi, (First Supervisor, 06/2016-)

• Mr Gongyue Zhang, (Co-Supervisor, 09/2018-)

PhD Completions

Dr Peter Boyd, “Sensing and adaption for long-term hand rehabilitation” 2015-2020, (Co-Supervisor)

Dr Qing Gao, “Hand Gesture Recognition based on Deep Learning for Space Human Robot Interaction”, 2015-2019 (Co-Supervisor)

Dr Charles Phiri, “Framework for Scaffolded Adaptive Life-Long Humanoid Robot Learning”, 2015-2019 (First Supervisor)

Dr Yaxu Xue, “In-hand Manipulation Analysis and Its Applications in Robotic Manipulation”, 2015-2018 (First Supervisor)

Dr Dongxu Gao, “Image-based Human Pose Estimation”, 2015-2018 (First Supervisor)

Dr Dalin Zhou, “Surface EMG based hand motion recognition”, 2014-2019, (Co-upervisor)

Dr Yiming Jiang, “Multi-Hierarchy Interaction Control of a Redundant Robot Using Impedance Learning”, 2015 – 2019 (Co-Supervisor)

Dr Kairu Li, “Electro-tactile Feedback for Sensory Restoration: Modelling and Application”, 2015-2018 (Co-Supervisor)

Dr Bangli Liu, “Vision-based human activity analysis”, 2015-2018 (Second Supervisor)

Dr Haibin Cai, “Gaze Estimation in Unconstrained Environment”, 2014-2018, (Second Supervisor)

Dr Yinfeng Fang, “Interacting with Prosthetic Hands via Electromyography Signals”, Second Supervisor, 2012-2015 (Co-supervisor)

Dr Nalinda Hettiarachchi, “Ultrasound Sensing and Hand Gesture Recognition for Dexterous Prosthetic Devices”, 2012-2015, (Co-supervisor)

Current Teaching

  • 1. Introduction to Programming, Level 4 (Leading Math Part, Lecturer)
  • 2. Computing for Robotics, Level 5 (Unit Coordinator, Lecturer)
  • 3. Computer Vision, Level 6 (Lecturer)

Previous Teaching

  • 1. Computer Operating Systems And Intermediate Networking, Level 5 (Lecturer)
  • 2. Advanced Programming Concepts, Level 6 (Lecturer)
  • 3. Tools for Games and Animation, Level 4 (2012-2014, Unit Coordinator)
  • 4. Mathematical Elements for Games and Animation, Level 5 (2012-2014, Unit Lecturer)
  • 5. AI Programming for Games, Level 6 (Guest Lecturer)